Knowledge Society Ltd. & Remaco SA


The companies’ main activities include research, development and commercial exploitation of innovative IT tools using artificial intelligence, expert systems and neural networks.



The companies’ research interests include knowledge modeling through the use of large data, automatic information systems, IoT, automated car navigation technologies and drones.

Since 2017


Knowledge Society Ltd. and Remaco SA had already a long history of project collaboration, before joining forces in 2017 to develop Motion Shield. They both employ teams of IT executives with a high academic knowledge background and long market experience.

Project members have specialized knowledge in the following fields

Mathematical modeling for the evaluation of complex processes

Design, analysis and development of information systems

Design and modeling of transport flows

Algorithmic Approaches to Complex Problems of Personalized Recommendation Systems

Optimization of Network Resources Distribution with Genetic Algorithms

Algorithmic modeling

Geographic Information Systems

Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Modeling and measuring the performance of complex systems

Efficiency estimation of complex structure processes

Data analysis and knowledge mining

Mathematical Programming

Intelligent Decision Support Systems