Road accidents are one of the main causes of death and serious injuries worldwide. A major problem identified by the World Health Organization is the delay in transporting the injured to health care infrastructures following an accident that often leads to permanent disabilities and/or deaths.


Motion Shield is the first system worldwide designed and implemented with the logic of the 3rd generation ACNS. It operates in the following way:

i. The user’s mobile device regularly sends position and motion data to a central information management system.
ii. The central information management system, taking into account the current position of each user of the system, also considers:

  • The morphology of the road network in the area the user is located.
  • Historical evidence of serious accidents in this area.
  • Current weather conditions prevailing in the area where the mobile device is located and affecting driving behavior and tire traction.
  • Other information affecting the driving risk.
decorative screenshot from the app
decorative screenshot from the app


This information is utilized by Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making subsystems in real time, warning users about possible hazards that could cause an accident.

At the same time, special care has been given to the architecture of the system to work around the absence or incomplete operation of a mobile telephony signal.

Motion Shield Reports

Motion Shield’s enhanced Ultimate edition offers an extensive range of intelligent reports, including among others:

Dynamic mapping

of the road network state for the entire region or country.

Dynamic mapping

of the proposed maximum speeds per road section, taking into account the current weather conditions for the entire road network of the state or country.


Dynamic mapping

of dangerous road spots that need surveillance, so that real-time interventions can follow.

Dynamic mapping

of the actual traffic speeds per road section.